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In terms of the environment, as well as regular investments in updating equipment, quarries are constantly redeveloped and biodiversity of flora and fauna is protected. Work is also constant on recovering protected areas, reducing noise, water management and raising environmental awareness amongst young people and the population in general.


In this setting Cimpor has added to its programmes to increase efficiency, specifically in terms of energy and focusing on the use of alternative fuels. It has made particular use of co-processing, which provides both environmental and economic benefits.

Co-processing, which replaces fossil fuels and raw materials with agricultural, urban and industrial waste, gives the cement industry a double advantage as it not only allows it to meet its needs for thermal energy and non-renewable natural resources, within its production process, but also makes it possible to present society with a recognised way of eliminating waste that would otherwise have scientifically-proven negative impacts on the environment.


Development of co-processing at Cimpor is in line with the highest standards and technological advances in order to ensure its safety and efficiency.


What is Co-processing?

What are the advantages of Co-processing?




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