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Harmony and well-being

A harmonious social climate that is conducive to employee development requires, first of all, opening up to dialogue and the care that the Group demonstrates with its wellbeing.

We seek through the initiatives we undertake to instil values in the corporate culture of Cimpor as important as the preservation of safety and health as top priorities, the balance between professional and personal life, the encouragement of active participation in the company’s life, through the sharing of experiences, projects and opinions.



Personal protective equipment against burns was tested at the Toral de los Vados plant, in Spain, showing that it could withstand temperatures exceeding 500 degrees.

This equipment, which protects workers when there is the spray of materials at high temperatures and direct exposure to infrared rays, has become mandatory for all workers of the Iberian plants that clean the incrustations on the cyclones and in the smoke chamber. The aim of the measures implemented in Iberia for work at height was also to increase the safety of workers. To prevent falls, one of the most frequent causes of death at work, new procedures for cleaning windows in buildings were created, lifelines have been installed and, where possible, platforms or guardrails for access to fixed equipment have been built.




The implementation of the occupational health and safety management system motivated the holding of a training course for direct and indirect employees, involving methods of active participation. The training aims to consolidate a culture of safety, clearly stating the responsibilities of each employee and highlighting the important role of leadership in encouraging the safe implementation of the tasks.






Promote health and safety among employees was the goal of the in-house accident prevention week carried out in the business units in Brazil between September and November, in a programme that included lectures, gymnastics, medical tests and games on safety practices.















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