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Occupational health and safety is a priority for Cimpor. We actively work to promote a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, customers, suppliers and all those with whom we interact, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Train and communicate;
  • Respect laws, rules, regulations and instructions;
  • Prevent, ensuring the appropriate occupational health and safety conditions;
  • Identify the dangers and assess the risks;
  • Control and minimise risks;
  • Investigate all occurrences and take corrective measures to avoid repetition.

is the goal we want to achieve based on these guidelines, advocating the principle of continuous improvement for the behaviour of our employees.

The ongoing locally training of employees in OH&S developed by the BA and OU is steered to the  echnical, organisational and behavioural aspects, according to the needs of each area, covering both direct employees and those external firms providing services to the OUs of Cimpor.

In total, 78,003 training hours of OH&S were carried out in 2011, 60,643 hours of which in the Cement Activity, which corresponds to a training rate of 9.29 hours per capita (9.79 h per capita in the Cement Activity).  The participation of Cimpor employees in health and safety training reached 97.9% (87% in cement).

Safety audits are an important tool for improvement and progress, evaluating and measuring progress in the implementation of OH&S conditions, their control and the minimisation of risks in the routine management of our operating units.

Under the internal audit plan for 2011, 12 cement plants, 8 concrete plants and 1 aggregates plant were audited.

Strengthening and Recognition of Good Practices

In order to continue to encourage the good performance of the different BA, the “Best Safety Performance Award” was created in 2011. Our subsidiary in South Africa was the winner of the 2011 Best Safety Performance Award for demonstrating the commitment of top management and all management to aspects of OH&S, the organizational structure created for this purpose, the OH&S management system implemented and, of course, the good OH&S performance that in 2011 resulted in “zero fatalities” and “zero accidents with lost days.”

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